• Bijoux Indiscrets - Sybille Eyemask
When the sun goes down your other self is revealed. Enjoy a night of seduction among the shadows with Bijoux Indiscrets Masks.Behind the playful appearance there???s a woman who knows exactly what she wants. One smile from Sybille and you will fall in surrender.- 6 masks. 6 exclusive designs by Bijoux Indiscrets. 6 personalities.- Easy to wear! Use the little stickers to apply the mask directly to your face.- Reusable! The stickers are reusable. And there are some new ones inside.- Skin Friendly! The adhesive of the stickers will not damage your skin.- The stickers are flexible- which allows you to change their position so they adjust perfectly to your face.- There are no ties! Put your mask directly on your face- without messing up your hair.- Customizable! The material they are made of lets you cut the mask to your liking to achieve the perfect finish for your look.- Up or down? Both ways! You decide on the position of the mask.- They don't obscure your vision.- 100% flexible and durable!- Role-playing games! The masks add a sensual and mysterious touch to your encounters- choose who you want to be tonight.- Dance all you want with your mask- its comfortable position allows you total freedom of movement.- The perfect accessory for formal dress parties: a sensual touch for your look.- We recommend placing the mask on skin that is clean and free of cosmetics.
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Bijoux Indiscrets - Sybille Eyemask

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